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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not unusual to have some concerns when somebody comes to work in your home. Here are some answers to the most frequent questions asked by new Care At Home Service clients and their families.

What Can I expect of my Care At Home Service?
The service you will receive is worked out in consultation with you as part of your care plan. The care plan will be kept in a file in your home, and all the care staff that visits you will receive a copy to enable them to assist you with your care needs.

What can I expect from my care attendant?
Our care attendants all undergo a training course before starting employment. You can depend upon them to be professional, reliable and aware at all times that they are working for you in your home. For your own security and peace of mind, there are some things, which our care attendants are not allowed to do.

  • They cannot accept gifts or money from you, small exceptions.
  • They are only allowed to handle your money (to go shopping, for example) with the prior agreement of the Care At Home Service manager and in line with strict procedures.
  • They cannot be involved in making a will for you.
  • They cannot sign documents for you.
  • They will refrain from smoking in accordance with Health Safety policy.

Can I talk to my care attendant in confidence?
Yes. You can talk to your carer in confidence, safe in the knowledge that they will treat this information in discreet and confidential manner.

What if I don’t like my care attendant?
We do take care in matching care attendants to clients but very occasionally there is a clash of personality. If this happens you – or a friend or family member – can contact the service manager in absolute confidence.

What about security?
We will try as far as possible to ensure that you are visited by one of a small number of care attendants so you come to know and trust our staff. We will endeavour to introduce your care attendant to you before they start working for you. Our staff carry identity badges while they are working.

What if I don’t need the care attendant to come on a particular day?
Simply let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

What if I want my care attendant to come at a different time?
Give us as much notice as possible and we will do our best to accommodate any change. However, we cannot guarantee to send your usual care attendant.

What happens if my usual care attendant is unavailable?
We know that reliability is essential for your peace of mind, and we pride ourselves on our reliability. If your usual care attendant cannot come, we will notify you and do our utmost to ensure that another attendant comes to you instead.

Who monitors the service?
Phoenix Care At Home has its own procedures for monitoring standards in its Care At Home Service, carried out by the Service Manager or Senior Member of staff, we have a policy of asking clients if they wish to be involved in this monitoring. We welcome comments from clients and conduct an annual survey to find out their views. Phoenix Care At Home can also guarantee equality services through its membership of the United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA) – now widely recognised as the professional association, which promotes the highest standards of domiciliary care.

What about insurance?
All our care attendants are employed by Phoenix Care At Home which has public liability, employer’s liability and malpractice insurance for situations in which it is found legally liable. Situations may arise in which Phoenix Care At Home is not legally liable (for example an injury sustained by a care attendant in your home for which it is not responsible). You are advised to check that your household insurance would meet a claim in these circumstances.

What if something does go wrong? How do I complain?
We have a complaints procedure which every client receives a copy of.

What if my needs change?
Your care plan can be adapted to take account of your changing needs. This would have to be after consultation with the local authority Social Services Department if it purchases care on your behalf. The Care At Home Service Manager will explain this in more detail.

What if I no longer need the service?
If you wish to end the service, please give us 14 days notice. If you give this notice verbally by telling a care attendant, we will confirm it in writing to you.

How can I contact the service?
See the contact page. This also tells you how to get hold of us outside of office hours.

We hope this has answered any questions or concerns you might have, but please do ring us if anything worries you, or you are not sure about anything, at any time.

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