Option: editor_selector

This option enables you to specify a CSS class name that will be required on the text areas that is to be converted. This enables you to select specific text areas for convertion by adding this CSS class name to the class attribute of the text area. If this option isn't set to a value this option will not have any effect and the mode option will choose textareas instead. If you want all editors to be converted and just specific editors to be excluded check the editor_deselector option. This option also enables you to use regual expressions like myNoEditor|orMyNoOtherEditor or .*noeditor.

Example of usage of the editor_selector option:

	editor_selector : "mceEditor"

Example of usage in the HTML:

<textarea id="myarea1" class="mceEditor">This will be a editor.</textarea>

<textarea id="myarea2">This will NOT be a editor.</textarea>